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When your primary concern is:

Understanding the Cause/Effect and the Barriers/Controls behind Catastrophic Events – 

  • Your PlusAlpha Risk solution is to perform a Catastrophic Barrier Analysis using Bow-Tie XP, the world’s leading barrier analysis tool. Our experienced  PlusAlpha Risk workshop facilitators and risk consultants will help your through this process.
  • For a more detailed description of the Bow-Tie Barrier Analsis, send your inquiries to: info@PlusAlphaRisk.com
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When your primary concern is:

Assessing how well your Rigs and/or Platforms satisfy the 2010 Workplace Safety Rule-
  • Your PlusAlpha Risk solution is to perform a SEMS-Plus Assessment – Using the American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice 75  Safety and Environmental Management System assessment  linked to a Well Control  Barrier Analysis. Our trained management systems auditors can perform audits on single or multiple facilities and sites.

When your primary concern is:

Providing Training Classes and Seminars for you and your staff in Catastrophic Risk Identification and Assessment – 

  • Your PlusAlpha Risk solution is to provide specific, targeted Classes, Workshops and Seminars- training your staff in the use of double-sided Risk Registers , Bow-Tie XP and other risk management tools and  techiques.  An important part of our founding philosophy is to promote knowledge transfer; training allows us to fulfill this aspiration.

  • For a more detailed description of our risk management training offerings, send your inquiries to: info@PlusAlphaRisk.com